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  • de blog voor inspiratie voor leuke muziek. Ik geef regelmatig recensies over artiesten en albums. Daarnaast deel ik ook mijn passie voor kunst.

    • Aftermath
      In 1966 the Stones released their first fully self composed album and also first good album. Finally the Stones moved away from being a singles band and started concentrating on delivering great albums. Just like... Lees verder
      Published on 2020-01-26 By Armand Wilhelm
    • Aerial Ballet
      Harry Nillson is probably the most under-appreciated 60's/70's songwriter on earth. He was born as Harry Edward Nilsson III in 1941. His paternal grandparents were Swedish circus performers and dancers, especially known for their "aerial... Lees verder
      Published on 2020-01-25 By Armand Wilhelm
    • The circle & the square
        Red Box is a British pop band formed by Simon Toulson-Clarke and Julian Close that started under the name Harlequins then Red Box. Red is a political colour, Square (box) is an old North... Lees verder
      Published on 2020-01-19 By Armand Wilhelm
    • Marc Chagall
        Movsja Zacharovitsj Sjagal was born in Vitesbk, Belarus (In those days part of Russia) on July 7th 1887. He was part of a jewish family and oldest of nine children. During his childhood he... Lees verder
      Published on 2020-01-19 By Armand Wilhelm
    • Pet Sounds
      The career of the Beach Boys started with songs about surfing, beaches, babes and cars. They were popular for their singles but the albums were in most cases based around the singles with some fillers.... Lees verder
      Published on 2020-01-18 By Armand Wilhelm


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