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  • Tools and insights to facilitate an emotional evolution. Ancient knowledge merges with science and leads to the best exercises and tools you can start using today!

    • The Big Emotion Blog
      Let's break down emotional processing so you can take the first step towards an emotionally stable life today!In this blog:Step 1. Being open to.....The digestive metaphorInside step 1. What is behind the technique?That sounds easy ... Lees verder
      Published on 2018-08-25By Stefania Pönitz
    • Comforting Darkness
      Previously published by Harness Magazine, May 21, 2017 www.harnessmagazine.comStatements made by Dutch mental health care professionals while I was looking for help dealing with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:While I was attempting to be committed ... Lees verder
      Published on 2018-08-24By Stefania Pönitz

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